Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking from the window

A couple of weeks ago I was a little bored, just looking out from my bedroom window when I realized the picture I was seeing was worth being documented. The materials I had at hand were regular black markers, a 0.5 tip for the structuring lines, and a fine point "Sharpie" for the finishing.

What I really like of the latter, is that they do not allow to develop any details, you just have to be straightforward, and capture in graphic terms the very essence of what you are looking at.

Also, one of the facts that attracts me the most of this technique (one which many people is afraid of) is the high contrasts you can get. Although among architects it is generally "taken for granted" (and I was taught this as well) that shadows should never be represented as completely black areas, I really like the expressiveness they give to the sketch when treated as such.

My advice, never be afraid of trying any graphic technique, even those that go "against the rule". You can get the most amazing and unexpected results.