Monday, June 8, 2009

More images from Cordoba

I decided to keep sharing with you images I did years ago, when still living in Cordoba, Argentina.

Today's two images were produced with two different techniques. In the first one I used a 2B pencil. The building represented is Colegio Nacional de Monserrat and the drawing was part of a graphic exercise for the "Architeture Representation" class I was taking at college. We had to document either works of architecture or urban spaces in the downtown area that called our attention. It was 1999.

The second image, is a quick sketch I did in 2002. At the moment I was in the last year of school, doing my undergraduate thesis. Together with my two teammates we rented an old property, demolished several years ago, that would be our studio for the two years the thesis work would last. The house responded typologically to what is known in Argentina as "Casa Chorizo" ("Sausage House") Its outdoor corridor/patio was the space that intriged me the most and one day I decided to document it on my sketchbook. I used a regular pen and with the very free/chaotic lines I attempted to represent the condition of the house. It was a very old construction, struggling against time, going through its last years of existence. Sadly, the plot in which it used to be is occupied today by a very ugly residential tower.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Images from Lisbon

Today I am sharig with you some of the sketches I did in one trip to Portugal, in March 2007. At the time, I was pursuing my graduate studies at Cornell (Architecture), and this was a visit to some potential sites on which we would develop our projects later, when back in Ithaca. These drawings were done mostly with a regular pen (to be continued)